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Watch Maintenance & Battery Replacement

Your watch is an investment of passion. As such, there are a few simple things you can do to look after and extend your watch’s life for many years.

  • Winding & Setting 
  • Battery Replacement 
  • Cleaning 
  • Servicing

At some point, every quartz watch will require a battery replacement, as the lifespan of a battery is dependent on various factors.

  • the age of your watch
  • the condition of the movement
  • the type of watch – analogue/chronograph/digital
  • and the functions the watch has – the more functions your watch has, the more frequent the need for battery replacements

If your quartz watch has a seconds hand, you may be given a warning that your battery will need replacing soon; this comes in the form of two to four second jumps of the seconds hand. Sometimes this warning will last a week, sometimes a year. If a quartz watch has stopped due to the battery running out, it is important to change the battery and not leave the old battery in the watch for too long. Batteries contain chemicals and, as a battery deteriorates, the chemicals can leak, which can damage the watch movement. The watch should always be returned to the manufacturer or a manufacturer approved watchmaker for a battery replacement, seal test and, when required, seal replacement. If anything more serious is found when the watch is inspected, it can be dealt with quickly.

Water Damage

Water and the internal elements of watches typically do not mix, so even a small amount of water can result in significant damage. One of the first signs of water ingress is fogging of the glass. This can lead to deterioration of both visible and invisible internal parts, potentially causing the watch to stop. A thorough service will eliminate any trapped moisture and replace and re-lubricate any worn parts.

Following standard watch maintenance procedures, the watch will undergo disassembly, cleaning, re-lubrication, and reassembly, followed by thorough testing before being returned to the owner. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause corrosion in internal parts, potentially leading to additional replacements such as the dial or base plate, resulting in a higher service cost.

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