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Rhodium Plating


Rhodium plating is commonly used on white gold pieces in the jewelry industry to maintain their glossy white appearance. This is achieved by using rhodium, a precious white metal, to create an alloy with yellow gold and other metals. However, over time and especially with regular wear, the rhodium plating may fade. To keep your items in pristine condition, we recommend re-plating them every 12-18 months. Daily wear pieces may need more frequent re-plating to maintain their crisp white finish. A lavish solution to maintaining the impeccable shine of your white gold jewelry. With regular re-plating every 12-18 months, your pieces will always look as good as new, even with daily wear.


The process of Rhodium Plating:
  • The rhodium plating is removed in its entirety. This will ensure an even surface for the new plating.
  • The item is re-plated.
  • The finished item is cleaned and refurbished.

Prices for rhodium plating start from £45 with a timescale of 2-4 weeks


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