At Cunningham Jewellers we pride ourselves on making bespoke pieces of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Soleil Pendant

Introducing our finest piece of craftsmanship from Cunningham Jewellers The Soleil Pendant.

This year brought us the time to craft Soleil, a heart shaped pendant, featuring a rare Burmese 26.42 carat Yellow Sapphire.

For years this amazing gem has been locked away in a safe in our workshop – awaiting the perfect design, that would truly complement, such an unique gemstone. 

 As a jeweller who specialises in creating bespoke heirloom pieces to be passed down through the generations and something that will only gain in value as the years pass.

The stunning heart shaped Burmese 26.42 carat Yellow Sapphire, is surrounded with a halo of Brilliant White Diamonds. The setting was crafted in Platinum and complemented with a Platinum chain. 

To create such an intricate piece of jewellery  many months highly skilled work and hours of craftsmanship, Cunningham Jewellers are delighted with what we have created. 

“I had picked up the sapphire several years previously. One of my diamond merchants mentioned it to me a few times and I was intrigued, he knew I would love it and I did.

 “It was mined in Burma in the 1960s and of course we have no way of knowing its history since then. That’s the thing about gems, they have a story but often it is shrouded in mystery. The history behind each stone is fascinating.”

 In total the project took three months and also gave Ronan the opportunity to use his expert skills that have been honed over years.


Together as a family jewellers we hope the ‘Soleil’ pendant finds an owner who will treasure it and pass it on to future generations.

The ‘Soleil’ 26.42 carat Burmese Yellow Sapphire pendant is priced at £75,000.